Multilateral cooperation in the Arctic through the lens of international Arctic organizations: a situational analysis

November 30, 18:00 (UTC+3)
Moscow, Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11, Building F, HSE

The resources of international organizations have traditionally created serious opportunities for the development of cooperation in the Arctic, the most significant of which are the Arctic Council, Arctic Economic council, and the Council of Barents/Euro-Arctic Region.

The current geopolitical situation is characterized by the urgency of building flexible formats of interaction. The appearance on the world political map of a significant number of centers of power, differing in the degree of development of information technology, military, and economic potentials, creates additional requirements for leading players in the field of maintaining stable ties, including in the Arctic region. In this regard, the question naturally arises about what will be the role of international Arctic organizations and institutions in the new conditions in the foreseeable future? Will they remain an effective tool for managing processes in the Arctic region or will they undergo transformation? Is it possible to build new effective mechanisms for managing the Arctic in the current geopolitical realities?

The session will result in several scenarios for the development of international cooperation in the Arctic zone in the new geopolitical realities.