Second Forum-Festival “The Arctic. The Ice Has Broken” to be held in Murmansk on 22–25 June

Creation of a comfortable urban environment, development of Arctic tourism, use of modern technology in the Arctic and other topics are to be discussed at the second forum-festival “The Arctic. The Ice Has Broken” in Murmansk on 22–25 June as part of Russia’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021–2023. The operator of the Chairmanship events is the Roscongress Foundation.

The business programme also includes discussions on development of the Northern Sea Route and the environmental monitoring system in its waters, the functioning of specially protected natural areas and the “general clean-up” of the Arctic. The programme also features volunteer brainstorming sessions, followed by presentations for experts and heads of sectoral agencies.

As part of the Forum-Festival programme, volunteers will take part in an Arctic night clean-up in the polar village of Abram-Mys and in raising a sunken vessel. The participants will also attend master classes by the Russian Emergency Ministry on mountaineering, accident first aid and open water assistance, as well as diving and survival in the natural environment. In addition, volunteers will be able to test their skills in a popular team sports game, the Clear Arctic Heroes Race.

The cultural part of the Forum-Festival programme includes visits to the Victory Train, the Lenin nuclear icebreaker exhibition centre, screening of the film “Nuremberg” and a creative meeting with the film’s makers, plus technical tours of Arctic enterprises: Atomflot, Port Lavna, which is set to become one of the key transport hubs on the Northern Sea Route, and SUEK.

The event will be attended by volunteers from the Clean Arctic public project, with speakers including representatives from federal and regional authorities, legislative bodies, heads of constituent entities of the Russian Arctic and experts from environmental and conservation organizations.

The organizer of the second Forum-Festival “The Arctic. The Ice Has Broken” is the Russian Ministry for Development of the Far East and the Arctic, with the support of the NPO Clean Arctic.

The first All-Russia Volunteer Forum-Festival “The Arctic. The Ice Has Broken” was held on 16–18 August 2022 in Usinsk (Komi Republic), with volunteers from all regions of the Russian Federation taking part.